Parmegan (Vegan Parmesan)


So you made Simply the Best Tomato Sauce and you’re thinking, how can I top this in a fun vegan way?

Well introducing Parmegan.

No this isn’t going to fool any cheese lovers, but it does add a lovely salty, nutty, yummy taste that goes very well, if I don’t mind saying so myself….which apparently I don’t.

I like to make a container full and store it in the fridge to top pasta, caesar salad, or anywhere else that calls for some love.

After a reading and trying a few different versions of this, I have simplified the recipe in my fuss free way.

The Recipe:

Cashews, macadamia nuts, or combo of the two

Nutritional Yeast

Pinch of Salt (if your nuts are unsalted)

I know what you’re thinking…. What the…. is Nutritional Yeast.

I don’t like using many “weird” ingredients in my cooking, but nutritional yeast is an exception.


Because it is awesome.

Some people describe it as cheesy, others…well…don’t. But it is yummy.

If you don’t like it at first, try it again a few more times, it’s a new taste and may take a try or two.

Believe it or not, you can buy this yellow powdery stuff in most grocery stores. It will be in the organic food aisle, near other weird foods like chickpea flour, and arrowroot starch.


Select the container you plan to store your Parmegan in. No point in making more than the container can hold!

I like this little retro butter dish I have.

Toss in your nuts until the container is a little more than half full.

I used cashews, but macadamias are also good for this.

Dump nuts into food processor.


Pour your nutritional yeast into same container, until the container is a little less than half full.

Dump into food processor.


Now food process that up until it is a nice sprinkly powder.

Bon Appetegan!

4 thoughts on “Parmegan (Vegan Parmesan)

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