3 Sprout Salad

3 Sprout Salad

So, I think it was just two days ago, I was having dinner with my friend, sipping wine and enjoying laughs, when I proudly stated “I’m not one of those weird sprout-y vegans!”

…well apparently I lied.

The very next day I went to the farmers market and picked up, not one, not two, but three kinds of delicious sprouts.

Sunflower sprouts, are kinda fat, juicy, and mild.

Buckwheat sprouts, are thin, light and have a bit of spice

and Pea shoots, (my favourite) are crisp and sweet


As soon as I got home from the market, I whipped up this simple lemony summery salad. If you only have one kind of sprout, that could work, or even if you have no sprouts, try this salad dressing on your favourite lettuce.

Dressing Recipe:

Dijon Mustard

Olive Oil

Zest of half a Lemon

Juice of Half a Lemon

Honey (or rice syrup, agave, or other sweetener)


Salt (optional)

Salad Ingredients:

Pea Shoots

Buckwheat Sprouts

Sunflower Sprouts

(or other sprout or lettuce combos)

Red Onion


Dried Cranberries

(or whatever other toppings you like)

lemon salad dressing

Get out your salad bowl, and begin making the dressing right in the bottom of the bowl.

Add the mustard, oil, zest, lemon juice, honey (or sweetener of choice), a couple good grinds of pepper, and salt if you like (I didn’t use any).

lemond salad dressing 2

Mix it all up, and taste. It should be quite tart and lemony. The sprouts, mango and cranberries will add more sweetness.

sprout salad

Toss in your sprout combo and pile it high!

Slice up your mango and onions, add them to the sprouts, and toss to dress the salad.

sprout lemon salad

It will look all yummy like this. Get ready to taste summer!

sprout salad mangoeBon Appetegan!

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