Dude with a Tie

dude with a tie

Every now and then I try to convince myself that I should be a “serious” artist. I feel the need to show some deep emotional meaning in my art. A thought provoking topic for people to grasp and be horrified, or moved, or in awe, or disgusted… nodding their well groomed heads in true artistic appreciation…. But then really that bores me, and I just want to draw funny faces.

So here is another funny face. 8″ x 8″ encaustic.

I hope you like funny faces too.

Old Man

Is this you….?????


Well, it very well could be.

Random strangers are usually the victims of my art.

Oh, sure I look innocent, just doodling away in a coffee shop, or on a park bench…

but beware!! I could be drawing you!

Ok so it’s actually not really anyone.

I have been doing these little doodles as people walk by. Often meaning that I don’t finish them in time before the person is out of sight.

So these half caricature, half made up, characters have become my new favourite thing to draw.

This little guy at only 8 inches by 8 inches, is done in encaustics, (painting with wax incase you didn’t know).

I love how with the wax, I can play with melting, scraping, burning, dripping…hey, I’m working up a mean appetegan… (teehee)