Creamy Vegan Mushroom Risotto

creamy vegan mushroom risotto

Mmmm…. So creamy… so vegany.

I made this recipe for a table of 12 non-vegans, and they all loved and devoured it. Non-vegan approved!

The wonderful thing about risotto is, you really don’t need the mounds of cheese or butter to make the dish creamy. It magically does that all on it’s own.

Try it and see for yourself!


A big pile of mixed mushrooms (or all one kind would work too)

1 quart veggie stock

olive oil

half a big onion

a few stalks of celery

3-4 cloves garlic

a few cups of arborio rice

a splash of white wine or white vermouth (optional)

 Few pinches of thyme

few pinches of chili powder

a few spoonfuls of nutritional yeast

A spoonful of vegan butter (optional)

half a lemon juiced and the zest

handful of parsley

salt and pepper

Parmegan (optional)

mixed mushrooms

I chose 4 different kinds of mushrooms, shiitake, king oyster, button, and enoki mushrooms. If you have different varieties available those will do as well, or even if you only have regular old button mushrooms and nothing else, this recipe will still work out. The most important part is to have lots of mushroom! They cook down a lot!

chop mushrooms

To start, pour all your veggie broth in a sauce pan, and heat it up to a simmer on the stove. You will leave this simmering the whole time as you use it. Chop up your mushrooms, remove stems if need be.
sautee mushrooms

Sauté the mushrooms in a bit of oil. You will have to do this in batches, so that they have a chance to brown. Don’t crowd the mushrooms. I did 4 batches (but I also made this for 12, so you may have fewer).

Each time you finish a batch, dump them out of the pan into a bowl and set aside. Add a bit more oil to the pan and move onto the next batch of mushrooms.
celery and onioin sautee

Once finished with the mushrooms, chop up some celery and onions and sauté that in the same pan you just had the mushrooms in. Don’t worry about all the brown bits left on the bottom of the pan from the mushrooms, those are delicious flavour bits, and they will work their magic in the risotto. When the onions start to golden, toss in the garlic, thyme, and some salt and pepper.
sautee rice

When that is looking all delicious add your rice. About 1/2 cup of rice is good for one person, this recipe is roughly for four, so toss in around two cups. (I don’t bother to measure).

Now comes the non-stop stirring part of the recipe. You want your rice to soak up some of the onion celery juice, but it is important not to brown the rice! So keep moving it! Do this for about 1-2 minutes and the rice will start looking a bit translucent. Now add your splash of white wine or vermouth, and let that absorb into the rice. Then, take a ladle-full of your broth and add it to your rice. Keep it moving.


The broth will begin to be sucked up by the rice. Once it is all sucked up, add all your mushrooms, and another ladle-full of broth. Keep stirring. Once broth is absorbed add more. Do this until the rice is cooked. About 15-20 mins. If you run out of broth, just use a bit of water. It will start looking all creamy and delicious. Have a taste and when it is al dente it is done.

Now all you have to do is season with nutritional yeast, chili powder, vegan butter, salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Taste and adjust as you like.

mushroom rissotoGarnish with the lemon zest, chopped parsley, and a sprinkle of parmegan.

Bon Appetegan!

3 Quick Yummy and Fun Hummus Recipes

3 quick yummy and fun hummus recipes

Snack time!

Lemon Pepper Hummus, Avocado Chili Hummus, and Beet Coconut Hummus.

Look how pretty they are.

We all know the well loved basic hummus recipe, but if you really want to wow your guest (or yourself like I did), here is a really fun, easy, quick way to make 3 interesting hummuses.(is that a word)?

Well, actually it’s a bargain deal, because you get my basic hummus recipe as well. That’s 4 recipes in total… what a steal!

If you plan on making all three of the hummuses, do them in the order listed, that way you wont even have to clean your food processor or blender in-between. (Yep, I’m all sorts of lazy like that).

Basic Hummus Recipe:

2 19oz cans (or one big guy) of chickpeas

a glug or two olive oil

half a lemon juiced

3 big spoons of tahini

2-3 cloves garlic

salt and pepper


Pita, carrots, or other veggies for scooping

additions for lemon pepper hummus:

the other half of the lemon juiced

zest of one lemon

more pepper

additions for chili avocado hummus:

half a lime juiced

a few pinches of chili flakes

an avocado

additions for beet coconut hummus:

1-2 leftover cooked beets, or 3-4 of those small pickled guys

handful of un-sweetend shredded coconut


First things first. Drain your cans of chickpeas and rinse em all off. (Chickpea water grosses me out).


If you plan on making the lemon pepper hummus, zest your lemon, then juice it.


Toss your chickpeas, olive oil, garlic (best to roughly chop it first), salt and pepper, and a splash of water.

Food process that up. You will have to scrape down the sides, and you may need to add more water to help get it smooth, but don’t add too much, as the next recipes have more liquids to add.

Once it is delicious (note my finger swipe sampling), scoop out two thirds of the recipe and put it aside in a bowl.

lemon pepper hummus

Now there will be about one third left in the food processor. Grind in a bunch more pepper, the other half of the lemon juice, and the zest (save some to top it).

Blend that up. Scoop it all out into your serving bowl, and garnish with another grind of pepper and some lemon zest.

avocado chilli hummus

Now do you best to get the lemon pepper hummus out, but any little bits that remain behind are just fine.

Scoop half of the hummus that was set aside back into the food processor. Toss in your avocado, lime juice, and 2-3 pinches of chili flakes.

Blend that up. Scoop into your serving bowl, garnish with chili flakes.

beet coconut hummus

Again, do your best to get the avocado chili hummus out, but any little bits that remain are just fine.

Scoop the remaining hummus that was set aside back into the food processor. Toss in your beets, and handful of coconut.

Blend that up, scoop into serving bowl, garnish with coconut.

Serve with toasted pita, carrots, or anything else you want to scoop up this deliciousness with.

Bon Appetegan!

Simply the best Tomato Sauce



This is the first recipe I learned from my mom, the first recipe I cooked living on my own, my go to recipe for any dinner with friends or date, even the first recipe I taught my boyfriend, so I thought it would be perfect as my first recipe for my blog.

It always surprises me that people buy that canned tomato sauce, it really is rather dull, and it’s so easy to make yourself.

This recipe is so simple to make, and so yummy, that I had a roommate who would eat the leftovers with a spoon like soup.

If done right, even simple pasta can make a choir of groans come from the table.

 The Recipe:

2 Cans of Whole Tomatoes (not crushed!)

1/2 a Large Onion

2-4 Cloves of Garlic

Glug of Olive Oil

Spoonful of Sugar

Salt & Pepper

Chilli Flakes, Oregano, Basil, or any other spice you like

Vegan Parmesan (click here for recipe)


To begin: Chop up onions and garlic. I personally like larger chunks of onion as I am pro texture, but you can chop them into smaller pieces, if you like.


Heat olive oil over medium high heat, in a large flat pan with high sides (it will cook better and faster than in a small tall pot).

When the oil is hot, toss in the onions and let them sizzle.

(Adjust temperature if they start to burn or if they are just looking soggy).

Sautee until they are lovely and brown. About 5-10 mins.

Then add garlic. Garlic is so small and sugary it burns quickly, which is why I add it later.

Sautee for about a minute until the garlic is looking delicious and brown too.

Note: right about now is when you will hear someone from the other room say something like

“ohhhh! What are you making, it smells so yummy!”


Now before stuff starts burning, toss in the cans of tomatoes, liquid and all.

Now you get out your secret tool, a potato masher! If you don’t have one of the squiggly ones pictured above, I highly recommend getting one.

They are not only awesome for potatoes, but work much, much better with this recipe.


So get your masher in there and mash up all those tomatoes! Make sure you find each and every one and give it a good smoosh.

Now I don’t go crazy with the masher as I love texture, but if you don’t want as much texture…well I give you permission to go crazy.


Let that pot simmer away, for maybe… 20 – 40 mins ish. Yes, it takes some time, but all you will be doing is giving it a stir every now and then.

So pour yourself a glass of wine, put on some music and dance around.

Once it’s starting to look all saucy and yummy, season with some salt, pepper, your spoonful of sugar and your spices, if using any. (This is my secret ingredient that helps cut the acidity of the tomatoes).


Eventually your sauce will get thick and delicious, as seen in the photo above, taste and season more if needed.

Boil up some water and cook your pasta. Extra tip: when boiling water for pasta, always use the biggest pot you have!

Pasta needs room to breath. It will cook better, and you wont have any of that sticking to the bottom of the pan nonsense to deal with.

Once pasta is cooked, BEFORE you drain it, add a ladle of the pasta cooking water to your sauce.

This will help loosen the sauce, as well as the starch in the water will help the sauce stick to the pasta!


To serve, add a spoonful of sauce to the bottom of the dish, before you put the pasta in.

The pasta wont stick to your bowl, and you wont run out of sauce when you get to the bottom of your dish.

Top with the pasta, then the sauce (as much or as little as you like, but I am a saucy kinda person).

Top with a grind of fresh pepper and some vegan parm.

Bon Appetegan!